Mr. Nelson's Virtual Learning

Science  - Watery Planet
                 Water Cycle and Earth's Systems 

Social Studies - Civil War and Slavery  

All assignments for remote learning are posted on the Peshtigo website.  Click on PELC HOME.  Find the yellow CLICK HERE sign.  Then click on 5th grade and the current week.

All class information for science and social studies will be posted on student Gmail and Google Classroom.

Study Stacks - Practice vocabulary for Water Cycle and Earth's Systems.
Study Stacks - Practice Famous People from the Civil War, Slavery, and Underground RR.
Study Stacks - Practice Vocab from the Civil War, Slavery, and Underground RR.

Underground Railroad Sites

Code Words               Map of Free and Slave States

Harriet Tubman          Famous Conductors

Underground RR Facts

Mystery Science Mini Lessons - We will be using this for the question of the day.


Image result for mystery science   These next two sites go along with the packet I sent home.

Mystery Science Beachtown- Background information on seawalls, wetlands, levees, and stilts

Mystery Science Beachtown- Just information on assignment                


Outdoor Activity Links

 The Book of Stuff to Do Outside                     
Image result for animal tracks