Volunteer Info!

Welcome Volunteers!
Volunteer Info

Thank you for your offer to assist us with the important work we do here at PELC!  We know that your efforts will have a positive impact on the children we serve and we greatly appreciate your interest.

For the safety of all our team members, please review the following guidelines and sign and return to the Main Office the Waiver of Liability/Confidentiality Form and Background Check forms 3-5 days prior to your first intended day of volunteering in our building.  If you ever need assistance with anything or have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at [email protected].

Thank you again for your help,                                                

Kate Willett,
PELC Principal
Volunteer Guidelines

  • When you arrive at PELC to volunteer, please stop at the MAIN OFFICE first, sign in, and wear a "volunteer" badge for the duration of your visit.  Please also sign out and turn in your badge at the end of your visit.

  • As an active member of our academic team, you will be held to the same level of confidentiality as PSD employees.  Please do not photograph students without teacher approval, do not post pictures on social media sites, and do not access confidential student information.  A violation of any of these guidelines will result in an immediate revocation of your ability to volunteer.

  • Please turn off cell phones and leave them off while in the building.

  • Please honor the teacher's classroom expectations and procedures and act in a supporting role, especially when student discipline is addressed.  It is not appropriate for volunteers to discipline students.

  • Please follow our school dress code.

  • Please let the teacher know if you cannot participate in a pre-planned activity as it may impact his or her lesson plans.

  • Please report any suspected child abuse issues directly to the teacher or building Principal immediately.

  • Please follow our guidelines on "appropriate touch."  Hug from the side, for example, or offer a student a "high-five," a "thumbs up," or a pat on the shoulder.  Although we often feel inclined to hug the little ones, it is for your own protection that we have this guideline in place.