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The Importance of Picture Books
On the benefits of reading to children and even babies.

Books and Libraries Can Strengthen the Superpowers of Teens With ADHD, a guest post by Kirsten Lambert Making Great Strives: Building Confident Readers
What would you do if your child's ADHD ad dyslexia mean he/she hated reading and writing so much that he/she would try every diversion possible to avoid it: sharpening pencils ten times, hiding under a table, and even crying?

Mulan, Timmy Failure, and Peter Rabbit 2 | Read-Alikes for New Film & TV Releases, Winter & Spring 2020
Hand these witty, romantic, and action-packed titles to students excited about new TV/film releases and live-action remakes.

Reading Levels Unfairly Label Learners, Say Critics. And Then There's the Research.
Debates over leveling focus on how to best teach reading versus how to foster passionate readers who choose their own books. How did we get here?

In U.S., Library Visits Outpaced Trips to Movies in 2019
A report that library lovers will appreciate. 

Kids and Authors Alike Love Instagram. Here’s How To Leverage It To Get Kids Reading.
Connect students with their favorite writers—and others they might not know yet—to create excitement around books.

Teacher Shames Students for Book Selection, Reading Ability | Scales on Censorship
Pat Scales advises school librarians on teachers judging a book by its page count and forcing students to return books above their reading level.

For Librarians, Banned Books Week Is a Chance To Discuss Censorship, Intellectual Freedom With Students
While decorative banned books displays draw attention to censorship, there's a deeper opportunity for meaningful conversation about the issues.