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Science - Stars and Galaxies

Social Studies - Early Civilizations 

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Online Science Book

Aztec, Inca, Mayan, Olmec, Anasazi Sites

Aztec Facts        Aztec - Ducksters       Inca Facts            Inca Machu Picchu

Inca, Aztec, Maya     Mayan Facts      Mayan Recipes      Top 10 Foods Mayan

Aztec Foods        Food Timeline Aztec, Maya, and Inca      Aztec Cookbook

Olmec Head        Olmec Facts              Olmec Statues      Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza - Kukulkan     Anasazi - Mesa Verde             Anasazi

Anasazi - Live Science        Mayan - Games                     Inca - Rope Bridge

Aztec Tools          Anasazi Foods      Aztec Foods        Traditional Aztec Foods

Inca Foods     Mayan Foods   Palenque Maya       Palenque Maya Live Science      

Chemistry Sites        Steve Spangler       Thoughtco 1        Thoughtco 2

Little Hands                     Fizzics                Iflscience

Space Probes           NASA A-Z           10 Greatest Missions     

Wikipedia -Ok since it sends you to NASA and other Space Agency sites 

Planetary Space Probes       Voyager 1 


STEM Corner
Rules for each activity are posted on the wall                                                     
Simple Machines - Research
Museum of Science and Industry
 Simple Machines                       Simple Machine Game  
15 Easy Catapults                      Catapult Design         

Mousetrap Car
Mousetrap Car
Check Google Images - Mousetrap car for design ideas.

Video - Bridge Movement                  Bridge Design
Steel Bridges                                   The Brooklyn Bridge
Websites -
PBS Bridge Building Basics
Bridges                                           PBS Bridge Facts
Help and Hints -
Engineering a Bridge - Scholastic       Toothpick Bridge

Series and Parallel Circuits
 Simple Electromagnet                       How Stuff Works
Solar Oven
Zip Line
Ping Pong Ball Zip Line - PBS Marble Drop - Target PBS